Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I am responsible for providing my students with a comprehensive music education, preparing them to enter the musical world with tools for their success and continued learning. I aim to inspire my students to become curious, enthusiastic and passionate about the clarinet and how they use the instrument to express their unique creative voice. Through focus on the development and practice of creative and critical thinking, fundamentals, research, real-life application and personal relationships, I enable my students to enjoy not only a successful, but fulfilling musical career. Learn more about Kelsey’s teaching philosophy…



“I have had the honor of studying with Kelsey for over a year. Within this time she has completely transformed my relationship with the clarinet. Thanks to Kelsey, I have reached a much deeper level of musicianship, technique, and individuality on my instrument. When Kelsey teaches you, she quickly finds the way you learn best, and is able to accommodate to what fits her students best. Kelsey goes above and beyond for her students, and is extremely invested in our growth as musicians and human beings. Kelsey is not just teaching you how to learn repertoire, she teaches her students to create stories, colors, and shapes with music and bring it life.
Rachel Gebeloff
Bachelor of Arts student
Florida State University

“I was fortunate to be able to study under Kelsey during my Fall semester of my sophomore year at Florida State. She coached a chamber group that consisted of myself and two other people. While some of our rehearsals were limited, Kelsey was able to provide information for our small ensemble that went beyond just rehearsing notes and rhythms, as any rehearsal should. She incorporated elements of style, the background of the piece, and how to properly blend in a set up that we weren’t used to or had very little experience with playing in. Kelsey is such a fun individual to work with, as it’s not just constantly about focusing and endlessly seeking perfection in the end result. Instead, Kelsey makes rehearsing and performing in the moment fun. It made each of us truly enjoy our group that much more.”
Marques Rudd
Music Education Major
Florida State University

“I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Kelsey during my time at FSU. She was a coach for my undergraduate chamber class and worked in a group with me and two others. From the moment I met her, I’ve known that Kelsey has a deep passion for music, and that passion shines through in her teaching methods. She has a wonderful positivity and energy that always made our rehearsals fun. I can honestly say that I always looked forward to our coaching sessions! Despite the fact that we play different instruments, I felt that her knowledge of music transcends instrumental boundaries. I learned so much from her in the time I was able to work with her, not just about musicality, but also about professionalism and the role I play within the musical world.

Emma Jo Patten
Flutist, Music Education Major
Florida State University

“I really love Kelsey’s teaching style. She’s not a “check-points” teacher, which is something I really admire in private instructors. Meaning, you don’t meet up with her just to set goals and check on practice progress. Though these are incorporated into her lessons, she is very much a teacher in the process. With Kelsey, I’ve learned many essential points about tone production, breathing techniques, and overall becoming not only a clarinet player, but a performer. She provides praise when you deserve it, but is not afraid to give criticisms when you need them. It’s an hour that I look forward to every week, for sure.”

Mandy Bickett
Music Performance Major
Belmont University


“Working with Kelsey has been an excellent experience for my daughter! Kelsey has helped Mandy improve her skill and musicianship as a clarinetist, which as led to successful auditions and new opportunities as a musician. She has challenged Mandy and has given her motivation to work harder. Kelsey is very professional, approachable and easy to work with. She is always quick to answer any questions I have regarding lessons and scheduling.”

Sharon Bickett

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